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SHELLBACK TACTICAL INC. -$4.99 Flat Rate Shipping

- Banshee (QD) Quick Deployment Rifle Plate Carrier
NEW LOWER PRICE BANSHEE QD (Quick Deployment) plate carrier is an advanced professional grade plate carrier that takes the Banshee to another level of comfort and performance with the Quick Release Feature
- Banshee DefenderSystem - OSS Version 1 (2) Level IV NIJ 06 Plates + Banshee PC
Banshee Defender System - OSS OFFICER SURVIVAL SOLUTIONS VERSION(2 Plates + Banshee Carrier)
- Banshee PC- With 3 OPFOR Magazine Carriers
- Banshee Plate Carrier - Operator Grey
Operator Grey – Banshee Rifle Plate Carrier - Value and features are packed into this plate carrier and it currently is the lowest priced USA Made-Full Berry Compliant Plate Carrier on the Market, backed by our No Questions asked Lifetime Warranty.
- Banshee Rifle Plate Carrier
BANSHEE Plate carrier- Now approved by the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD)-NTOA Approved The Banshee rifle plate carrier is an advanced plate carrier and was developed with the operator in mind from the ground up.
Cobra Buckle Duty Belt
The Ultimate in Cobra Buckle Duty Belts. Ideal for use as a Sam Brown type Police/LE Duty belt. Accommodates common duty holsters and magazines pouches. Shellback Tactical proven quality gear. You will love this Belt.
- DKX Max III Armor Plate NIJ 0101-06
DKX Max III Armor Plate - Lowest Price Hard Armor - Rifle Plate Level III Stand Alone 2.9 Lbs- Lowest Price Level III Stand Alone* Personal Defense Armor
- LTC 26620-2 Level IV NIJ 0101.06 Stand Alone 10×12 Shooters Cut
LTC 26620-2 – LEVEL IV (Rifle Plate/Hard Armor Plates) STAND ALONE 10×12 Shooters Cut NIJ 0101.06 Cost is per plate.
- OSS Level III 3.2 LB Plates NIJ 0101.06 Stand Alone Multi Hit Hard Armor
$295.00 OFFICER SURVIVAL SOLUTIONS Level III Stand Alone Hard Armored Plates 3.2 lbs NIJ 0101.06
- RABBIT Sling 2-to-1 Point Sling 30% OFF NOW
Cetacea - RABBIT Sling 2-to-1 Point Sling- One of the easiest and most user friendly slings ever developed for both garrison and combat ready modes
- Shellback Tactical Logo T-Shirt - IN STOCK SHIPPING NOW
From $18.99 to $19.99
Our logo t-shirt is screen printed in full color front and back. The front of the shirt has the Shellback Tactical Logo printed in the middle of the chest and the back of the shirt printed with a larger logo, Printed on High Quality T-shirts in the USA.
- SONS Trauma Kit by Phokus – Deployment Configuration (DTK)
SONS Trauma Kit by Phokus (DTK) - Ultra-Thin Trauma Kit designed to fit behind your body armor. Engineered for maximum efficiency, this innovative Trauma Kit eliminates bulky medical pouches that take up space on your kit.
$12.75 Tough Hook – Hanger Ranger Green
The Tough Hook is a hanger capable of easily holding over 150lbs and handling the rigors or day to day use. Designed by an US Army Sergeant, the Tough Hook is purpose built to hang, store and carry heavy equipment such as Body Armor, Plate Carriers
-$14.99 PATRIOT American Flag Flex-Fit Hat Cap - Shellback Tactical
$14.99 The Shellback Tactical PATRIOT American Flag hats are fully embroidered with the American flag on the front.
LTC 26225 Level IV Stand Alone 10×12 Shooters Cut Ceramic Plate
LTC 26225 Level IV Stand Alone 10×12 Shooters Cut Ceramic Plate (Rifle Plate/Hard Armor) STAND ALONE
OSS Level IV Plates NIJ 0101.06 Stand Alone Hard Armored Multi Hit
OFFICER SURVIVAL SOLUTIONS Level IV Stand Alone Hard Armored Plates NIJ 0101.06
Snagmag Concealed Carry Magazine Holster
Snagmag- Concealed Carry Magazine Holster
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