Level III Hard Armor

Shellback Tactical Level III plates go above and beyond industry standards to meet and exceed mission-critical requirements from the most demanding missions.  All of our level III ballistic plates are manufactured in the USA and either NIJ 0101.06 Certified or tested by a NIJ approved lab.  Each level III plate provides multi hit protection against six rounds of 7.62mm FMJ steel jacketed (M80) and available in different options such as single curve, multi curve, shooter cut or SAPI cut. 

Our level III plates are construction from three different materials 

  • UHMPWE - Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene.  Super lightweight high end ballistic plate 
  • Ceramic/Composite - Ceramic strike face with composite backing.  Provides lightweight protection against M855 greentip
  • AR1000 Steel - Lighter than AR500 steel, provides lightweight protection against M855 greentip