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Shellback Tactical Rampage 2.0 Plate Carrier

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$139.99 - $174.99
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Shellback Tactical Rampage 2.0 Plate Carrier 

The Shellback Tactical Rampage 2.0 Plate Carrier is lightweight and combat ready to keep you protected in the worst situations. The Rampage 2.0 holds 10" x 12" ballistic plates and features 3d spacer mesh for comfort, streamlined laser cut molle and removable front placard to quickly change loadouts.  This carrier is built to last and backed by our lifetime warranty.  Be ready for the fight and order your Shellback Tactical Rampage 2.0 Plate Carrier today

Rampage 2.0 Features

  • Constructed of durable 500 Denier Nylon 
  • Front and rear plate pockets hold 10" x 12" shooter or SAPI cut ballistic plates 
  • Laser cut Molle on front, rear and cummerbund to accessorize with pouches 
  • Laser cut Molle loop panels on front and rear for ID placards 
  • 3D Spacer mesh padding on front, rear and shoulder pads for comfort 
  • Removable front Molle placard 
  • Cummerbund includes six integrated pockets with bungee retention for magazines or radios
  • Cummerbund accepts 13.75" x 5.5" soft armor inserts 
  • Rear drag handle
  • Heavy duty bar tacking at key stress points
  • Fully adjustable shoulder straps to fit most sizes  
  • Fully adjustable cummerbund to fit most sizes 
  • Lifetime Warranty 
  • Imported 
Armor Size:
Carrier Only

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  • 4
    Tactical Rampage 2.0

    Posted by Tim on Sep 20th 2022

    Great Quality, and seems to be well made. Haven’t got much time on it yet, however I do agree with some of the other reviews about it being a bit small for the taller/bigger guys. Still does the job in covering the vitals though but it is smaller than it seems. That’s the only complaint I have. Other than that, it’s gonna do it’s job. Is quite comfortable though

  • 5
    Rampage 2.0

    Posted by Neil on Sep 16th 2022

    Great PC! I’m Law Enforcement and I bought this to carry in my car and be able to throw it on on top of my concealable Armor, it’s very comfortable, plenty of Molle to use and very adjustable. I’m a big buy so i bought the Xl Cummerbund available for this, fits very well, I’m using Level 3 front and back plates with trauma pads and the carrier fits both very well and securely. Even if you have First Spear or Mayflower PCs definitely add this one to you list, for the price it’s really well made, the material is very durable and it’s very breathable. A must get for all Law enforcement or Military.

  • 5
    Shellback Tactical Rampage 2.0 Plate Carrier

    Posted by Tim Eldridge on Sep 15th 2022

    Very well made. Light weight. Very nice. Struggling to decide if this replaces my current carrier or if it makes it to my daughter, Ha!! Will be hopefully getting a second in near future unless this purchase starts being tracked like ammo and such.

  • 5
    Shellback tactical rampage 2.0

    Posted by Exekiel on Sep 15th 2022

    I love this, it’s so much more comfortable than the vest I was issued. Definitely recommend it.

  • 5
    Most functional, comfortable carrier under $200 there is

    Posted by Damon Spurlock on May 12th 2022

    I’ve had this thing for a while now and intentionally waited to write a review on it. Wanted to put it through its paces before I left an honest review. I’ve tried many different carriers, from military issued carriers to service issued. I’ve swapped carriers for a day or two with buddies just to try different ones. This one is the most comfortable I’ve tried at any price point. By far too. It handles loads really well. It’s definitely not as bulky as it looks either. It stays tight to the body. Shouldering a weapon is fine as well. Nothing getting in the way or having to change or retrain ready to present. It blows me away that this is a sub $200 carrier. I have a JPC that I’ll keep just for a trunk, grab and go kit. But any classes or extended wear this one will be my go to. Very pleased.

  • 5
    Awesome carrier!

    Posted by Blake on Apr 12th 2022

    Well constructe and comfortable.

  • 5
    Rampage 2.0

    Posted by Dio on Apr 1st 2022

    Maaaaaannnn is this thing comfortable, the shoulder straps are the perfect distance apart for me and the pads are fantastic. Makes an absolute world of difference. The quality seems great , but I have yet to really put it through a lot of rough stuff so only time will tell on that part , but so far it’s great .

  • 4
    Rampage 2.0

    Posted by Dana G on Mar 19th 2022

    First I would like to say that I did not order this from online, it was in store and I was able to pick it up off the shelf. With that out of the way on to my thoughts. I would like to begin by saying that this carrier is very comfortable. I really enjoy wearing, and as someone who's been in the Army for the last 17 years I can't say that about a lot of armor that I've worn. I've seen some of the other reviews saying that it's too small and I believe that's due to it being a more slimline design rather that a big out there armored tank. I personally believe that the size is very appropriate for it's intended purpose. The shoulder pads are very comfortable allowing for lots of adjustment. Inside the shoulder straps there is some rigid material, I'm assuming some sore of plastic, that will keep it from twisting and bunching up another feature that I like. On to the cumberbund. The pockets are fine and will hold your mags, radios, or whatever your heart desires to put in there. The shock cord retention included is a bonus. The adjustment for the cumberbund is acceptable. Not bad but not great either. The two sides are tied together in the back with shock cord, the plus is that the carrier can stretch out as you're doing lots of movement (running, long walks, etc), taking a knee, or climbing. You dont feel like your being suffocated because the cumberbund can actually flex. Another appreciated feature. I just feel like it needs to be a little more accessible rather than pull the whole thing through, untie, tighten/loosen as needed, tie, pull back through, and hope that you got it right. on to the plate bags them selves, they are a bit big. I have my issued medium ESAPIs in and there is a bit loosness around them. I don't mean that the plate is loose and wobbling around, there's just a little excess material mainly around the top left and right corners. Other than that the plate sits in secure and doesn't move around. The flap that is on the front I believe could be a little better. They put 2 panels of hook instead of making it a solid one piece. A strange decision which made me cot off one of the handles on the cumberbund so I can get a better hold on it. Speaking of the front flap, lets talk about those non-industry standard buckles. I was looking forward to running my Mayflower chest rig buckled straight in to it only to find these are smaller than the standard 1" Swift clips... or whatever they're called. So I've just been taking that panel off and running the shoulder straps of my chest rig through the shoulder straps on the carrier for now, which works fine. BUT, I will be taking off those buckles and finding someone to sew on some loops so I can use my swift clips. That's really the alteration that I want to make to it. All in all I think that it is a great carrier. It's very comfortable, slim line and breaths very well. With a few simple modifications this could be a perfect plate carrier, but that I feel is always the downfall of gear, there's always something that you can change up or modify to suit your own needs.

  • 4
    Rampage 2.0

    Posted by Doug on Jan 27th 2022

    I like to use quick disconnects on the cumberbun and the one that comes with this one is too short to use them because you fold the hook and loop back to itself. Have to find a bigger one.

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