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Shellback Tactical "Bulletproof" Pint Glass

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Shellback Tactical "Bulletproof" Pint Glass 

Defend freedom all day? Now it is time to relax and make every drink taste like freedom.  The Shellback Tactical "Bulletproof" Pint Glass comes embedded with the baddest bullet of them all - .50 BMG.  That's right, a real .50 BMG round stuck right in the side of the glass itself.  Order a glass today and show all of your buddies what drinking freedom is all about! 

Features of the Shellback Tactical "Bulletproof" Pint Glass 

  • Made in the greatest country in the world - United States of America 
  • Each pint glass is uniquely handcrafted 
  • Holds a pint of liquid courage 
  • Only holds American beer or American mixed drinks.  All other liquids vaporize. 
  • Real .50 BMG bullet embedded in the side
  • Hand wash only 
  • Crafted by our friends at Benshot 
  • If you try to return this bad ass pint glass because you think it is really bullet proof - we will break it over your head!



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