Plate Carrier Care Instructions

Take care of your gear and your gear will take care of you. Your plate carrier/armor loadout is the most valuable piece of protective gear and can be the difference between life or death. Your plate carrier is bound to get dirty and stinky after wearing for hours on end during long missions. Follow the cleaning and care instructions below to keep your loadout operational and ready for the next mission. 

What Not To Do 

Lets address what not do first.  These are very common mistakes and can damage your plate carrier. 

  • Never wash your plate carrier in a washing machine 
  • Never put your plate carrier in a dryer
  • Never use bleach, harsh chemicals or household cleaning products on your plate carrier
  • Never use a wire brush to scrub your plate carrier 
  • Never use a flame thrower burn off debris 

Steps To Clean A Dirty Plate Carrier 

  1. Remove your armor plates and soft armor inserts 
  2. Remove all tactical accessories - mags, sprays, weapons, batons, handcuffs etc.
  3. Use a soft bristled brush to scrub and remove dirt, dried mud or debris 
  4. Soak your plate carrier in a mixture of mild laundry detergent and warm water. Agitate the water by hand and scrub tough stains with a soft bristled brush
  5. Rinse the plate carrier with warm water to remove detergent and debris
  6. Hang plate carrier in a shady well ventilated area to air dry  

Properly Storing Your Plate Carrier

Another important part of maintaining your plate carrier is to properly store it. Do no throw it in the trunk of your car, bottom of your closet or in a pile of sweaty unforms. 

Hanging your plate carrier with our Heavy Hanger provides ventilation that will keep your plate carrier dry and eliminate stinky odors.  You can use our heavy hanger in a closet, patrol care or locker room.  The heavy hanger is designed to hold up to 140 pounds which is more than enough for full loadouts.