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Active shooter kits, Incredible Plate Active Shooter Kits at Great prices - Carriers with Plates and other gear, can mean the difference between being prepared and surviving a critical incident and not. We offer products that are ideal for active shooter kits and situations. Active Shooter Kits Allow Officers to Rapidly Armor up with a Plate Carrier and armor to Increase their Level of Protection, Addressing Potential High Threats from Rifles or High Powered Firearms Encountered in an Active Shooter Critical Response Situation, Active Shooter Kits can help you survive these situations. With the recent tragedies this country has faced in Sandy Hook, Boston, Aurora, Columbine, Virginia Tech and others, Shellback Tactical has received an increase in calls from officers and agencies requesting protective affordable rifle threat protection gear to keep with them in their patrol cars.

 “Be Prepared – Get Armored Up”



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