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Active Shooter Response Body Armor Kit (ASRBAK) (BLACK) (NIJ Certified Plates Multi Hit/Stand Alone/AP Protection)


Product Description

$349.00 Active Shooter Response Body Armor Kit (ASRK) LIMITED TIME OFFER

Do you need to outfit your whole agency or unit. This may be the kit for you, complete with everything you need that can also fit your budgets. The T3 Active Shooter Response Body Armor Kit Gen2 is your answer to a high threat active shooter incident. This set up was recently adopted and approved by the Houston Police Department. The Active Shooter Response Body Armor Kit features double removable M4 Magazine pouche and a tourniquet pouch conveniently located in the front kangaroo pouch. The plate carrier is a quick deployment type carrier, that is fully adjustable and one size fits most. (Magazine not included)

The Kit Includes:

  1. T3 Active Shooter Plate Carrier Gen2 -500D Solution Dyed Cordura
  2. Spacer Mesh Shoulder Pads (Included)
  3. Double M4/AR15 type magazine Kangaroo Pouch
  4. 1 Tourniquet Pouch (Tourniquet not included)
  5.  TWO (2) Hesco 4400 Plates LEVEL IV Stand Alone/Multi Hit/AP Protection- Weight 7.6lbs each NIJ 0101.06 CERTIFIED
  6. Carry Bag -Fits Plate Carrier, Plates and Magazines

7 items - One Kit - Value - Protection - All in one KIT for $349.00 - Order yours today.


Plate Info:

Single Curve
Ceramic Construction
Defeats.30-06 M2-AP Armor-Piercing and lesser threats
Special Threat Multi-Hit
Multi-Hit Rated for lesser threats like 5.56mm NATO and 7.62mm NATO

Polyurea Coated 1000d Codura Nylon cover
NIJ 0101.06 Certified and Listed


Threat Profile:
All Handgun Threats
All Shotgun Threats
5.56mm NATO M193
5.56mm NATO M855 “Green-Tip”
7.62x39mm Ball
7.62x39mm Steel Core
7.62x39mm API-BZ
7.62mm NATO M80 Ball
7.62x54r – L
7.62x54r – LPS Steel Core
.30-06 Jacketed Soft Point (JSP)
.30-06 M2AP “Black Tip” Armor Piercing

(After placing an order, please email a copy of your state issued ID or drivers license to customerservice@shellbacktactical.com)



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