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“Operator Evolved Gear”

Operator Evolved Gear is a mindset and commitment that we at Shellback Tactical  take towards all of our current tactical equipment and future projects. The world is changing very rapidly and with that, the gear needs of the Operator evolve and change with it. This new design approach to the way we look at designing and building tactical equipment is our commitment to you the Operator. Whether you’re mission and needs are Law Enforcement or Military based you can count on us to answer the call with cutting edge, forward thinking, advanced equipment made with the highest quality materials and design processes that will exceed your needs and expectations.

Shellback Tactical is “Operator Evolved Gear” 

Shellback Tactical "OPERATOR EVOLVED GEAR" was started in 2003 by Michael Wratten who is still the President and Owner of the company. Michael Wratten completed a career as a police officer for 18 years before retiring. Be advised Shellback Tactical only has one website and our email only ends in – Our product The Banshee Plate Carrier product was designed by Michael Wratten ,is owned by us and we hold the USPTO issued protected trademark to this product.

We do not have any email that is . This is not us, and we have never had any email address that ends in

To get in touch with Shellback Tactical through the proper channels our email for dealers is and our website is and has always been You can also reach us at

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